Our MISSION is to ensure that the people of San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala and the nearby communities achieve their God-given potential. We believe that where one is born should not determine if they flourish in life or if they merely get by. We give people the tools to achieve their goals, to realize their dreams and to live with dignity.



Our VISION is to one day see the people most affected by poverty in Guatemala be able to not only support themselves, but to flourish.

ALTRUISM: We have the desire to procure the good of others without expecting anything in return.


EFFICIENCY: We develop our activities using resources in an ideal way to achieve our organizational objectives.


TRANSPARENCY: We act with honesty and we openly share information with our beneficiaries, collaborators, financiers and public in general to be accountable for our actions and results.


SUSTAINABILITY: We seek the sense of permanence of the results of our projects in its three versions: 1. social, 2. economic, 3. environmental.


TEAM WORK: We maintain a high spirit of teamwork, always seeking dialogue and respecting the contributions of all members of the organization. We believe in the importance of a communication marked by harmony, fraternity and respect among all the members of the organization. A relationship is generated among the collaborators and the talents and interests in the projects of others are shared.


COMMITMENT TO THE MOST NEEDY: We are committed to helping the people most affected by poverty.


RESPONSIBILITY: We assume responsibility for our actions, commitments and decisions.


RESPECT AND EQUALITY: We recognize, accept, appreciate and value the qualities of our neighbors and the equality of their rights.


SELF HELP: We involve the beneficiaries of our projects to lend themselves to achieve their potential and to improve themselves in the fulfillment of their spiritual, vocational, health, educational, cultural and material needs.


INNOVATION: We favor a work environment where we can move forward and improve the effectiveness of our projects through the evaluation of our previous experiences and those of other similar organizations and through the creation of new ideas.

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